Who should use Supple Nips?

Are Supple Nips BPA and Latex free?

Are Supple Nips trademarked or patented?

How long have Supple Nips been in market?

How do I use Supple Nips?

What if I can’t get the Supple Nip to form a tight seal?

What size do I need?

What should I do if I experience discomfort?

How do I clean Supple Nips?

How many hours per day should I wear Supple Nips?

Can I wear Supple Nips under a bra?

What should I do if my nipple color becomes either blue, purple, black, deep red or white?

Can I wear Supple Nips if I have an open sore, cut or rash?

Are there any disclaimers?

What is the return policy?